Restore Coyote Creek

A Project of the Santa Clara County Creeks Coalition and the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club

Creek Wrangler

Creek Wranglers can work alone or on the Cleanup Team with the Team Leader at a Cleanup Event (see the Calendar).

Creek Wranglers keep our creek clean by collecting trash alongside the creek. Place all trash into a bag and properly dispose of it in a trash bin.

Creek Wranglers can participate in creek cleanup days and will work alongside the creek in teams to remove all trash within the area. By cleaning the creek, restoration of the plants and wildlife can begin. Also, removal of trash will prevent it from creating blockages in the creekbed that can lead to flooding and possibly in the Bay.

Working in pairs and under the direction of the team leader, pick up small debris and place in trash bags. As possible, carry large debris, such as tires, shopping carts and pallets out of the creek. Place all debris at the appointed collection location.

Volunteers must be able to work outdoors for up to three hours. As strength allows, bring heavier items up the banks.

Each cleanup event is between two and three hours.