Restore Coyote Creek

A Project of the Santa Clara County Creeks Coalition and the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club


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Our parent organization - the Santa Clara County Creeks Coalition - is looking for a Development Director and a Program Director to replace our retiring founder.  We need someone with vision and passion for the natural environment and charisma.  We need someone who can build a strong organization capable of winning the hearts and minds of our elected officials or creating a community movement that can bring political pressure to bear on our elected officials to restore the beauty and ecological health of our streams.  


Restore Coyote Creek seeks to connect our community residents to the beauty and wonder of Coyote Creek - to participate in recreational, educational and stewardship activities along the creek, to enjoy it and love it   We also seek to restore the ecological health of the creek so that it can sustain thefish and birds and plants and other wildlife that once lived here in abundance. 


RCC is a project of the Santa Clara County Creeks Coalition and the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.   We invite you - neighbors, businesses and your employees, schools and your students, hikers and bikers, all those who love streams and the corridors that line them -  to get involved with our efforts.   We are no longer doing weekend trash cleanups, but our friends at the South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition have taken over that operation and are doing twice monthly cleanups.

We  have developed self-guided nature walk brochures and we are looking for people to lead those walks.

We are developing projects to remove native plants and plant natives, to improve fish passage, and to conduct educational outreach about the natural history of the creek.  We are looking for people to help with project development, project coordination, and even administrative work

If you want to help - even in a small way - send us an email using the contact tab on the home page 









We also will be beginning a docent training program to train volunteers to give nature walks along Coyote Creek.   Let us know if you'd like to be a volunteer docent!